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Educational courses for keeping up with the clinical, technical, and practice-related developments in medical imaging. Many of these courses provide Continuing Education credits to help fulfill your certification requirements.

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  • Leadership Essentials Module 10 Health Economics
    Online Course

    Leadership Essentials Module 10 Health Economics

    • GEN 2109
    • Course Type: Online
    • Cost: $0.00
    • Credits: 1.0 CE - A

    This module explores the elements that comprise a health care system, discusses the economics of health care and explains how rising health care costs affect economic decisions. Learn about the effect of insurance on the supply and demand of medical care and the role that government plays in the health care industry. Approved for 1 Category A CE credit by the ASRT.

  • Workplace Safety
    Recorded Lecture

    Workplace Safety

    • GEN 2120
    • Course Type: Online

    Training on general aspects of workpace safety.

  • Radiation Safety
    Online Course

    Radiation Safety

    • GEN 2220
    • Course Type: Online

    Information about radiation safe practices.

  • Electrical Safety
    Online Course

    Electrical Safety

    • GEN 2320
    • Course Type: Online

    Electrical safety training.

  • Introduction to the Affordable Care Act and its Role in Transforming the Delivery of Healthcare
    Online Course

    Introduction to the Affordable Care Act and its Role in Transforming the Delivery of Healthcare

    • HCE 2001
    • Course Type: Online
    • Course Length: 45 min
    • Cost: $0.00
    • Credits: 0.5 American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (ARRT) CE

    The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on March 23, 2010 marked the single most significant change in the history of the United States healthcare system since the launch of Medicare in 1965. From this date forward, citizens and legal residents could no longer be denied access to purchasing health insurance based upon age, gender, family health histories or prior medical conditions. Authored by Tom Szostak, Director of Healthcare Economics at Canon Medical Systems USA, this module describes the economic and social background leading to the health reforms taking place in the 21st century.