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Please choose one of the following:

I am a new user with an activation code.

I am a returning user and would like to log into my account.

I would like to view my certificates.

I do not have a subscription but would like to take courses.


New users with coupon code


Please note:  You will need a customer activation code when you register for your Canon Medical Systems subscription to Medlantis.  Please ask your training administrator for your organization’s activation code.

Go to the Canon Learning Center’s Medlantis page.
Click on “New Users Click Here”

This will open the Medlantis registration screen.  Please enter the email address you use for work, your first and last name as you would have it appear on your certificate, and your activation code.  Click Register.

Please wait a few moments while the system creates your account.

Your Student Dashboard will now appear. You can take the courses on display or search for courses.

You can search for a course by:

a. Select “All Courses” in the top menu.
b. “Filter by Category”: CE, CME, or All.
c. Select a search term (e.g. “Ultrasound”).


Once you’ve clicked on a course you see the Course Introduction page where you can view the Course Description and Learning Objectives, as well as view a course Introduction Video. To start the course click the “Resume course” button.


*Please note that each course will have a “Resume Course”.  This indicates that the course is included in your subscription.

Click on “Achievements & Progress” to view your progress.  

To log out of your account go to the upper right hand corner and click the down arrow by your name.  Click log out.
You should return to the Medlantis information page on the Canon Learning Center site.


Returning Users

If you are a returning user, click on “My Dashboard”

This will take you to the Medlantis login screen.  Enter your email address, password, and click “Log In”.

You will then be taken to your student dashboard.

View/Print/Download Your Certificate(s)

If you would like to view your certificates click “My Certificates”  

Please choose the certificate you would like to view. 

You may now view, save as a PDF, or print.

Example of a certificate.


Taking single courses without a subscription

In order to use your Canon Medical Systems USA Medlantis account you must have a coupon code.  If you do not have a coupon code you can purchase courses a la carte.  If you would like to proceed, click here to view the catalog of Medlantis courses or choose “New Users Click Here

When you reach the registration screen, please enter your email address, your first and last name as you would have it appear on your certificate, and leave the coupon code blank.  Click Register.

Need help?  Click here to go to the FAQ page for support information and answers to frequently asked questions.

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