Canon Medical Systems USA

For Biomedical Engineers

Courses for biomedical engineers responsible for maintaining medical imaging equipment operations. These courses include information on equipment operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance procedures.

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  • Electrical Safety
    Online Course

    Electrical Safety

    • GEN 2320
    • Course Type: Online

    Electrical safety training.

  • UNIX
    Online Course


    • INF 1070
    • Course Type: Online

    Training on the technical fundamentals of the UNIX operating system.

  • MR Fundamentals
    Recorded Lecture

    MR Fundamentals

    • MRT 1010
    • Course Type: Online

    Fundamental technical information about MRI.

  • OR-76 Magnet Landing
    Online Course

    OR-76 Magnet Landing

    • MRT 1150
    • Course Type: Online

    OR-76 Magnet Landing

  • US Aplio XG/MX Biomed Service Classroom Course
    Classroom Training

    US Aplio XG/MX Biomed Service Classroom Course

    • ULT 2800C
    • Course Type: Classroom
    • Course Length: 3 days

    This three day clinical biomed engineer-focused course held at the Institute of Advanced Imaging in Irvine, California, provides advanced service education on Canon's Aplio XG/MX Ultrasound systems. This course includes hands-on training with lectures. At the completion of this course, you will be proficient in the following areas of operation: understand the differences between the Aplio XG/MX Ultrasound systems, operation the front panel, load software, change and restore presets, understand theory of operation of the printed circuit boards, perform diagnostics, troubleshoot the system and network with a PACS. This course includes tuition only. Airfare, meals, and lodging are not included.