Canon Medical Systems USA

For Biomedical Engineers

Courses for biomedical engineers responsible for maintaining medical imaging equipment operations. These courses include information on equipment operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance procedures.

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  • X-Ray Test Tool Related Procedures
    Online Course

    X-Ray Test Tool Related Procedures

    • CTT 0115
    • Course Type: Online

    Procedures for using x-ray test tools.

  • CT Course Preparation Guide

    CT Course Preparation Guide

    • CTT 1001
    • Course Type: Document

    Document preparing student for CT service classroom course.

  • Aquilion Prime-S (2nd Generation) Service Course
    Classroom Training

    Aquilion Prime-S (2nd Generation) Service Course

    • CTT 4100
    • Course Type: Classroom
    • Course Length: 10 days
    • Cost: $15,000

    This ten day clinical biomed engineer-focused course held at the Institute of Advanced Imaging in Irvine, CA provides theory of operation, maintenance and repair for Canon’s Aquilion PRIME CT system. The course blends hands-on lab exercises with in-depth lectures. At the completion of this course, you will be proficient at performing the following: service techniques, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and system adjustments. Students must bring notebook computers equipped with Pentium-class CPUs, 10GB of hard disk space, Windows 7, DVD/CD-ROM drive, a serial port (RS232), crossover serial cable, and Ethernet wired network connectivity. Laptops are not available to borrow or rent during class. Course pricing includes tuition only. Airfare, meals, and lodging are not included.

  • Workplace Safety
    Recorded Lecture

    Workplace Safety

    • GEN 2120
    • Course Type: Online

    Training on general aspects of workpace safety.

  • Radiation Safety
    Online Course

    Radiation Safety

    • GEN 2220
    • Course Type: Online

    Information about radiation safe practices.