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Safe Operating Procedures and Radiation Dose Optimization for Aquilion CT Systems

Credits: 0.25 CE

Canon Medical Systems is committed to help the operator manage and reduce dose during Computed Tomography procedures. This course will outline specific information on the safe and effective use of your Canon Medical System’s Aquilion CT system. The information provided during this course will make the operator more aware of the potential risks of using ionizing radiation during procedures and he/she will receive specific information to aid in dose reduction to both the patient and the operator. The course will discuss radiation dose optimization techniques and tools and the available dose control and monitoring technologies. Read More
Featured course

Healthcare Economics: Why Is It Important To Me?

Credits: 0.25

Tom Szostak, Director of Healthcare Economics at Canon Medical Systems USA, provides a basic understanding of Healthcare Economics using real-world examples. This course will explain why an understanding of health policy is crucial to individuals, businesses, and hospitals for financial success. Read More

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