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eRADIMAGING Online Training Guide

Please choose one of the following:

I am a new user with an activation code.

I am a returning user and would like to log into my account.

I would like to view my certificates.

New users with coupon code


Please note:  You will need a customer activation code when you register for your Canon Medical Systems subscription to eRADIMAGING.  Please ask your training administrator for your organization’s activation code.

Go to the Canon Learning Center’s eRADIMAGING page. 
Click on “New Users Click Here”

This will open the eRADIMAGING registration screen.  Please enter your first and last name (as you would have it appear on your certificate), your email address, and security code shown on screen.  Click "Continue".

Fill out the online registration form.  Items with an * are required.

Activate your membership.  Click the "Activate Membership" button.

Confirm your billing address

Enter your Activation code.  This is also referred to as the purchase code on the form.  Click submit.

Your Student Dashboard will now appear.  You can browse for courses or search for courses.

You can search for a course by clicking once or hovering over the CE Courses section on the top menu.  This will show a dropdown that has several options for finding courses.

You can also choose "View by topic" on the dropdown list.

Once you have chosen a course, click on the course to access.  

After you take the course click on the "Take CE Test" button to take the quiz.

Answer all of the questions on the quiz.

You can choose to save your progress on the quiz and return at a later time or finish the quiz and submit for grading.

After you have completed the test, there is a short course evaluation.  You must complete the course evaluation to receive the credit and print your certificate.

After you have completed the evaluation, enter your identifier number, choose your certificate type, and click submit.

Tip - If you enter your Identifier number into your profile, you will not need to fill it in during this step.

To log out of your account go to the upper right hand corner click the "Logout" tab.


Returning Users

If you are a returning user, click on “Returning Users Sign In”

This will take you to the eRADIMAGING login screen.  Enter your email address, password, and click “Log In”.

You will then be taken to your dashboard.


View/Print/Download Your Certificate(s)

If you would like to view your certificates click “View Certificates”  

View your CE Activity and choose a course to view/print the certificate.  You can view/print individual certificates by clicking the printer icon in the "Print Certificate" column for the respective course.  If you would like a record of all completed courses, you may print your transcript by choosing the "Print Official Transcript Button".  

Example of a certificate.

Example of a transcript.


You may now view, save as a PDF, or print using your browser.


Need help?  Click here to go to the FAQ page for support information and answers to frequently asked questions.

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