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Educational courses for keeping up with the clinical, technical, and practice-related developments in medical imaging. Many of these courses provide Continuing Education credits to help fulfill your certification requirements.

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  • ALARA in Clinical Practice

    ALARA in Clinical Practice

    • HCE 4001
    • Course Type: Document

    'As Low as Reasonably Achievable' (ALARA) states that scanning protocols should use the minimum radiation dose necessary to produce the image quality needed for the particular clinical task and patient at hand. This article will help ensure your site is meeting the ALARA principle.

  • Aquilion CT Preparing for California Senate Bill 1237

    Aquilion CT Preparing for California Senate Bill 1237

    • HCE 4002
    • Course Type: Document

    This document offers guidance for extracting relevant parameters for CT radiation dose reporting on Aquilion CT systems as required by California Senate Bill 1237 (SB1237) including amendments proposed in Assembly Bill 510 as of February 14, 2012. SB1237 applies to CT systems used for human use in the state of California.

  • MR Course Preparation Guide

    MR Course Preparation Guide

    • MRM 1200
    • Course Type: Document

    Course preparation guide document.

  • Vascular Introduction Study Guide

    Vascular Introduction Study Guide

    • VLT 1101
    • Course Type: Document

    Document to prepare student for classroom-based technical course on the Vascular Lab.