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Educational courses for keeping up with the clinical, technical, and practice-related developments in medical imaging. Many of these courses provide Continuing Education credits to help fulfill your certification requirements.

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  • Basic X-Ray & Vascular Fundamental Knowledge
    Online Course

    Basic X-Ray & Vascular Fundamental Knowledge

    • VLT 1100
    • Course Type: Online

    Basic x-ray and vascular lab training.

  • Principles of Fluoroscopy
    Online Course

    Principles of Fluoroscopy

    • XRM 3030
    • Course Type: Online
    • Credits: 1.0

    This course will outline the imaging technique to obtain real-time moving images of the internal structures of a patient through the use of a fluoroscope. Modern fluoroscopes couple the screen to an x-ray image intensifier and CCD video camera allowing the images to be recorded and played on a monitor The modules in this training are: Introduction to Fluoroscopy \Fluoroscopic Components Image Quality Fluoro Viewing Systems, Recording, Radiation Protection Summary.