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We have collected the frequently asked questions about using the Canon Medical Systems USA Medlantis subscription.  If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please click here to email the Canon Learning Center.
I don’t have an activation code, how do I get one?
If your organization has a Medlantis subscription through Canon Medical Systems, then your training administrator can provide you with the activation code.  If you are not sure if you have a subscription please email us at  Please include your first and last name and the name of your organization.
Please note that you can also take Medlantis courses without a subscription.  Click here for instructions on a la carte courses.
Who can I contact for help?
The Canon Learning Center team is available to answer your questions and provide help and service.  Please email us at or you may call us at 1-866-858-8724.
Are Medlantis Courses accredited?
Medlantis CME is accredited AMA PRA Category 1 through the SIR.
Medlantis CE is ARRT Category A+ accredited.
I’m having trouble submitting my courses.
Medlantis offers CME and CE courses.  Make sure that you have the right type of course for your submission as there are CME and CE courses with the same titles.
Can I use my personal email address to register?
Typically, work email addresses are used for registration but the system will allow a personal email address.  Please check with the training administrator at your organization for their policy on which email address to use.
I forgot my password, how do I change it?
On login screen click on “Forgot Password”.  The system will guide you on how to change your password.  


I need to change my name in my profile, how do I do that?
Please contact us at and we will change your name in the system.  Please note that the name on your account will match the name on your certificate.
I want to keep a copy of my certificate, can I download it?
Yes, you can download your certificate.  Click here to find out how to View/Print/Download your certificate.  If you are already signed into Medlantis, follow the steps below.
Click on "My Certificates"

Then click on "view"

Click on "Download PDF"

What is the best way to browse courses?
Click on "All Courses"

then click on "Filter by category". 

You will then be able to browse all courses, only CE courses or only CME courses.

How do I know the amount and what type of credit each course offers?

When you click "All Courses" to browse for courses the display will show the type of credit (CME or CE) by the title.  The number of credits each course offers is below the title.

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