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Canon Medical Systems Learning provides customized, personal learning for every role. My Training provides access to user-specific features, allowing you to search for courses and access your education transcript. For classroom-based courses, you can enroll and select a particular section. For online courses, you can enroll, start, resume and complete the course quizzes.



* Through the Canon Medical Systems Learning portal, you can access a wealth of resources for getting the most out of your medical imaging equipment.

* Learners can access online course directly or sign up for classroom based courses.

* Designed around Canon Medical Systems Learning's Performance Learning concept, Canon provides educational resources covering clinical applications and equipment operation. These resources can be combined into customized curricula, getting clinicians and biomedical engineers to the competency levels needed to build a successful practice.

* The Canon Medical Systems Learning portal offers 24/7 accessibility using a web-based design that works well on desktop computers, laptops and tablets. The portal provides a detailed course catalog and automatic tracking and reporting of course progress.